Eleni’s Bakery: Oscar countdown? Almost

My dad, who is visiting from the Hudson Valley region of New York, was watching either the Food Channel or the Food Network a little earlier. I heard Johnny Depp’s name mentioned and my ears perked up. There’s a bakery in New York City that put Johnny Depp’s lovely face on a sugar cookie. Not just Johnny Depp either. Anyone who is Oscar worthy might find their faces on one of Eleni’s Bakery cookies. The photo is from the Oscar contenders of 2003. Although, here’s a post from Luxist that assures this Oscar cookie venture is a yearly happening.

I became mesmerized watching how this bakery makes these cookies. Did you know there are sheets of sugar that work like paper? Amazing. In the past, these tins of Oscar cookies have flown off the shelves to the tune of 100 tins a day. Last year, I think these tins cost up to $58 per tin. It’s not cheap to be fashionable and “in.”

I think this Food Channel segment was a repeat since when I looked up Eleni’s Web site I couldn’t find any Oscar cookies, which makes sense since no one has been nominated yet. The holiday movies have just started rolling in and some of the Oscar contenders have just begun to show up at the dollar movie theaters. If you haven’t seen “3:10 to Yuma,” see it. It’s great. I also just saw “American Gangster,” but that’s not what I’m writing about now. Perhaps, though, come to think of it, we’ll see a Russel Crowe, Christian Bale or Denzel Washington cookie show up when the nominations come out.

You can head to Eleni’s for some lovely holiday themed cookies–or if animals are your thing, check out the safari offerings. The butterflies are also gorgeous. Chelsea, where the bakery is located, is a fun place to poke around if you happen to be in Manhattan.