Charge all your electronics at once

If you travel a lot and find yourself constantly searching for a way to power up all the electronic toys you take with you, then you’re very familiar with the frustrating fact that they all have different cords, adapters, and charger connections. This means bringing way too much crap with you every time you fly. In addition, you have to pay a fortune at those airport charging stations to plug in your cell phone, iPod, and BlackBerry in three different outlets.

Naturally, others have been burdened by this problem and, unlike you, have dreamed up a solution.

The Callpod Chargepod is a three-inch disc compatible with more than 1,000 mobile devices. Simply plug into a power supply and then connect up to six of your favorite toys to its octopus-like body. Then sit back and wait as they suck up the juice. It’s a pretty cool device, but if you ask me, we’re all tethered to way too many electronic gadgets these days.