Hidden hotel fees worth $2 billion

Here’s a disturbing statistic from Forbes Traveler: “PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that hotels will charge almost $2 billion in hidden fees and surcharges in 2007.”


This would be all those little charges no one told you about when you checked into that “cheap” hotel only to find out later that it really wasn’t that cheap after all. And, more disappointingly, how you’ve been charged for services you never used–like that “resort fee” for the pool you never swam in.

So what are the worst of the hidden fees that cumulatively add up to a $2 billion windfall for the hotel industry? Well, the fine folks at Forbes Traveler not only detail the Top Ten Most Annoying Hidden Hotel Fees, but also provide a handy slideshow to drive home the point in pictures as well.

And so here they are. If you’re worried that such annoyances will creep into your bill uninvited, be sure to visit the slideshow for more detailed information on each of these pesky fees.

  • Resort Fee
  • Telephone Fee
  • Energy Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Groundskeeping Fee
  • Towel Fee
  • Safe Fee
  • Housekeeping and Bellman Fee
  • Parking Fee
  • Mineral Water Fee