Gadling’s new comment system: what’s it do?

Particularly astute readers of this fine travel blog may have already noticed our new and improved commenting system. Yes, friends, we have threading, we have ratings, we have profile pictures — we’ve got it all! But in case some of you missed it, or are wondering how to work these new-fangled buttons, I’m here to help. Here we go:

If a particular comment resonates with you and you feel the need to respond to it directly, simply hit the REPLY button, and your response will show up directly below the parent comment. This is called threading. Nifty, huh?

Gadling’s new commenting system also allows you to rate each individual comment by either voting it “up” with the green arrow, or “down” with the red arrow. The behind-the-scenes magic automatically tallies these votes and displays the comment’s rating via the three yellow stars that look like they’re straight out of Super Mario Bros. The opacity of the entire comment is also affected by the score: the higher the rating, the “brighter” the comment; the lower the rating, the “dimmer” the comment. There’s also a gray button with an exclamation point that you can click if a comment is particularly offensive or spammy. We’ll review the reported comments and delete if necessary.

Also, the system now allows you to adjust your personal profile. This works across the entire Weblogs, Inc. network, too — not just Gadling. To see and/or edit your profile, either find the last comment you made and click on your name, or leave your first comment if you’re a comment virgin. Still with me? Okay, good. When you’re on your profile page, you can click the link that says “Are you [name]? If so, login here!” and enter your email address and password. Then you’ll be able to edit your information, including your homepage and profile picture. Neat-o!

So give it a shot — leave a comment here to test out the new system.