Spain nightlife: it really doesn’t get any better!

Ever since I’ve moved to Spain, I go out till the wee hours of the morning at least 4-nights a week, I drink way more than I ever used to, yet work better and feel healthier. Be it a Sunday night or a Monday night, for Spaniards there is no excuse not to head out.

The country is built around a culture of cañas (half-pints), elaborate menus of the day and tapas at night alongside the inborn need of Spaniards to talk (a lot!); the result — a long long life.

The average life-expectancy in Spain is 78.79 years, higher than China which stands at 72.88 years. Also, Spaniards have the general mentality of spending everything they earn on eating / socializing / partying: “what else do we work for!?” I often hear them say. This also explains why the number of people going out drops drastically in the last week of the month as their money starts running out!

So, it was no surprise that according to Country Brand Index, Spain is the hottest country for nightlife, followed by the US and Mexico. So if your plan is to party when you travel to Europe — Spain should definitely be your high on your list.