Touring New York City with Holden Caulfield

I was never a big fan of Catcher in the Rye–perhaps I wasn’t screwed up enough when I was younger to really empathize with Holden Caulfield. Nonetheless, others simply love this book and consider it one of the best ever written.

For many young fans of the novel, Holden’s vision of New York as he soulfully drags himself around the Big Apple is the first introduction that many have to this great city. His journey reveals a nice sampling of the city and, according to a recent article in USAToday, can still serve today as an unofficial guide since most all of the landmarks are still standing.

“Holden Tours” are actually quite popular according to Beth J. Harpaz, the author of the article. There are no official tours, however, which means that fans have to create their own–something that is now much easier thanks to the do-it-yourself tips that Harpaz provides.

Although fans will recognize Central Park, Grand Central Station, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art from the book, Harpaz fails to mention the most notorious landmark associated with Catcher in the Rye: The Dakota. If you really want to hate the book, be sure to visit the building where its most disturbed fan gunned down John Lennon immediately after the singer signed a copy of the book for his soon-to-be murderer.