Flickr photos of 1,000 places to see before you die

A friend of a friend of mine sent me a link to a blog post by Molly McCall. Molly has the dibs on a Flickr pool where photographers are uploading their best shots of the places that made it into Patricia Schultz’s book 1000 Places to See Before You Die.

When I went to this Flickr pool myself, I picked out the Sistine Chapel from the thumb nails on the first page straight off. Yep, I agree with this one. It’s worth braving the crowds of Rome to see this gem. I also recognized The Louvre. The rest of the first page thumbnails I’m not too sure about. If it”s between Paris and Rome. I’d choose Rome. If you’d choose Paris, there’s nothing wrong wth that.

With 404 members, this pool of more than 4,000 photos can keep you busy marveling over the variety of places to see in this world. There are close ups, panoramas, buildings and nature that range from the artsy to the mysterious to the bold camera angles. The variety of the composition is a broad as the subject matter.

This shot of Oia, Greece by Avarl reminded me of the trip to Europe I took after I received my undergraduate degree. The day I spent riding a motorcycle around Skopolos, another Greek island was one of my days of perfection. I drew a sketch in my journal of one of the villages that looked quite similar to this one.