Google Maps: Hybrid out, Terrain in. Sort of.

Google quietly replaced the hybrid, satellite-and-road layer on their Maps application in favor of a terrain-only view of the world. At first glance, I was confused because the ability to look at the satellite view while still being able to see road names was handy, but then I noticed that Hybrid wasn’t REALLY gone, it was just renamed to Satellite. And satellite now has a checkbox that allows you to turn labels on and off. So just to clear things up, here’s what’s going on:

  • Hybrid layer has been renamed Satellite.
  • Satellite now has a check box that allows you to toggle between Satellite-only and Hybrid.
  • Terrain is in.

But Terrain isn’t just just mountains and valleys. If you zoom in on a major city (take NYC for instance), buildings will be displayed in 3D. Nifty!

[Via DownloadSquad]