In Your Pocket: The best guidebooks to Eastern Europe (and they’re free!)

In Your Pocket is one of the most overlooked, yet exceptional guidebook series out there.

I started using them more than 10 years ago when I traveled the Baltics and had difficulty finding any up-to-date information about the region until I came across these simple, magazine-like booklets that were for sale for less than $1.

In Your Pocket actually began in 1992 when a German and two Belgian brothers hit upon the idea while consuming beers in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since then, In Your Pocket has expanded to cover most of Eastern Europe and parts of the Soviet Union. Germany is thrown in for good measure, as is the publisher’s most recent foray to Dublin.

Two things distinguish these guidebooks from most others. First off, they are written rather tongue-in-cheek and peppered with unexpected humor throughout. The guides are also hip and contemporary. Since they publish regularly instead of every one or two years like more established guidebooks, their information is up-to-date and will always point you in the direction of what’s currently hot and happening.

But the very best thing about In Your Pocket? You can download the PDF free online. Very cool!