Steve Fosset, adventure traveler to the max will soon be officially dead

Last month, Grant wrote a post about Steve Fosset, the millionaire adventure traveler. Fosset had been missing for weeks already. He’s still missing, and more than likely will not be found. His single engine plane he was flying from Nevada to California has not been found either.

The problem when a person disappears is that without a body, even though people know a person is probably dead, one has to be declared so. That takes a court process. Fosset’s wife has started the proceedure. Without him being declared dead, his financial affairs can not be resolved.

Fosset’s disappearance is certainly a haunting story. The idea that a loved one might go off one day never to return without a trace is alarming. There is also a lesson to learn. No matter how seasoned a traveler one is, take precautions. According to this article, Fosset only had one bottle of water and did not have a parachute or a transponder on a watch that he could have used to signal for help if he had left the plane.

Is this also a cautionary tale to make sure that if a person goes off adventure traveling–and you are financially linked to him or her, that you know something about the bank accounts?