Clueless tourists: the Estonian version

Recently our Alaska correspondent, Catherine Bodry, wrote a humorous post about all the dumb questions tourists ask the locals when they visit Alaska–like, “what time do they turn on the northern lights?”

I’ve always believed that people from other countries also have a similar list of dumb questions they are peppered with from clueless tourists who probably never should have left home.

I was therefore amused to recently come across an Estonian version of dumb tourist questions collected by local tour guides and the Tourist Information Center in Tallinn. I’m sure that we would all probably have some dumb questions for a small country like Estonia, so I’m not going to point any fingers. But do spend a moment to read through them and ask yourself if that could have been you sticking your foot in your mouth.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the article has a short quiz to determine if you’re a clueless tourist yourself. (Hint, Tallinn is not the capital of funk dancing).