How Much is that Spider Monkey in the Window?

Being a pet lover and a frequent traveller can sometimes be pretty challenging. Personal experience has shown that a well-adjusted Siamese cat can sometimes turn into a ratbag when left with a newbie house-sitter (that’ll teach me for naming the cat Havoc in the first place….).

If you’re living in Japan, help is at hand in the form of pet rental companies. Yep, if you (or your landlord…) doesn’t approve of you having a regular four-legged and furry companion, companies like Zoo Japan and Janet Village will let you share in the joys of pet ownership for periods as short as an hour. It’s not just cats and dogs either. Six hours with a hamster will set you pack 1000 yen (around US$9 ) while a sojourn with a spider monkey goes for 100,000 yen (around $US900).

There’s no word if you really form a bond with your new non-human buddy if the companies also offer a rent to buy scheme.