One for the Road: Cartographia – Mapping Civilizations

Here’s another smart looking map book: The Library of Congress and Vincent Virga teamed up to produce a special salute to mapmaking called Cartographia; Mapping Civilizations. It’s a collection of over 200 maps that show how the world has been charted over time. The selections for this volume (some of which are quite rare), were pulled directly from the Library of Congress, which houses the largest cartographic collection in the world.

This interview with Virga tells more about how he became involved with the project, and why the Waldseemuller Map of the world on the cover of the book is his favorite. This unique collection seeks to illustrate the storytelling attributes of maps, whether they are drawn to scale, abstract, or even fictional (like in the case of Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha County.) Regardless of form or style, each of the maps included in this book shares a story, which the authors invite readers to review in a similar way to which travelogues are read. Seems like an invitation that many travelers, map enthusiasts and book lovers will surely want to embark on.