Telecommuting from the road: the art of combining work and travel

I can’t imagine a better work situation than telecommuting from abroad.

This used to be simply impossible but today with the advent of technology and the internet, this is wholly doable and is actually far easier to pull off than ever imagined.

Thankfully, the fine folks over at Business 2.0 have put together a little how-to guide–and just in time. I’m disappointed to report that Business 2.0, one of my favorite magazines, has called it quits and just published their last issue.

The good news is that these out-of-work journalists can now follow the advice of Chris Morrison, one of their colleagues, to “see the world and collect a healthy paycheck.”

The Rise of the White Collar Nomad is Morrison’s outstanding article that provides tips on how to drop out of the rat race and run your business from remote locations while your clients are stuffed into their cubicle farms.

Morrison points the aspiring nomad towards the right gear, such as a Mac laptop (less likelihood of getting a virus), PayPal account, key chain flash drive, Skype, and WiFi signal sniffer. He also throws out a couple of “Cheap and Wired” locations to set up your temporary office-away-from-the-office. Try Egypt, for example, where Morrision estimates that daily food and lodging costs just $37. Imagine getting your regular paycheck but having just a fraction of the bills to pay.

There are downsides, however; no face-face interaction with your colleagues and no water cooler conversation.

For more details on living this dream life, be sure to visit for inspiration.