National Geographic photo contest winners revealed today

Today is the day when the finalists and the winner of the National Geographic Photography Contest will be announced. At the National Geographic headquarters, 80 finalists will gather to celebrate their awesome shot skills. If there are 80 finalists can you imagine just how many photographs were sifted through? There were 15,000 and then some last year. Man!

The top winner will have his or her photograph printed in the magazine. Other photos will be shown on the National Geographic Web site. I just looked to see them, but I don’t think they’re up yet. However, our good friend Marilyn Terrell over at Intelligent Traveler, who is in the know with National Geographic, gave us the heads up, so keep checking.

If you haven’t browsed the photo section of National Geographic lately, it’s pretty cool. Instead of just a slide show that moves through various photos, there is one link where you can spend hours working puzzles made from photographs. I found myself being sucked into the vortex so I had to quit since I have things to do and places to go, but I’ll be back on this one. Watching the photograph I chose being made into a puzzle was a pleasure in itself.

If you didn’t get yourself organized enough to enter the contest, or didn’t have a photo worth sending along yet, but now you do, you can submit photos to the National Geographic Web site and one might be chosen as a monthly pick. Readers help do the choosing. Here are the ones being considered for November’s best.