Some happy news to start your weekend

Earlier this week I wrote about a 78-year-old woman who spent 10 years saving up for a cruise – and ended up missing her trip of a lifetime. Now she’s got the story of a lifetime.

Dozens of netizens have stepped in to help pay for her trip after the news spread on the blogosphere and in a front-page story in the Washington Post. One woman even wrote, “I have $9 in my account right now, but after I get paid I could spare $20. But where would I send it?”

More than $700 was raised, but apparently this money was just icing on the cake. An anonymous couple has arranged to cover the woman’s entire trip. ” “I just can’t believe it. It’s just the best Christmas present ever,” Almentia McKan said.

This is a perfect example of how much of a difference we can make through the web. Now, go enjoy your weekend.