Adventures for women

Female over 30 seeking adventure and good times.

This might sound like a personal ad for an online dating service, but in reality it’s the cry of an oft-neglected travel niche: the female adventure traveler.

There aren’t too many travel outfitters that specialize in women who would rather kayak in Greenland than shop in Paris. But, they do exist.

One of the most established ones is Adventure Women. This very cool outfitter has been around for 26 years and serves up adventures for “women traveling solo, or with sisters, mothers, daughters, and friends.” In other words, no dudes allowed–nor for that matter, prissy girls.

That’s because the women who sign up for these “small, congenial, non-smoking groups” are those that seek far more from a vacation than just sitting on the beach and ordering room service. Instead, these are women turned on by bear sightings, rafting in the Grand Canyon, trekking in the Himalayas, going on safari in Botswana, and more. Oh, and they have to be over 30.

If that’s you, consider a different vacation this year where you take off with the girls and leave your man at home watching the game. It’s a win-win situation if you ask me!