Hodgepodge of European dance moves

Here’s a fun little video that shows the universality of travel and the commonality of music. The concept is simple: a team of Samsung employees traveled to ten European cities in ten days (London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Prague, Ibiza, Barcelona, Moscow, Edinburgh and Galway) and asked strangers to dance a little jig for their camera.

20 years ago it probably would have been easy to pinpoint the location of each clip based strictly on the dancers photographed. Today, Europe has morphed into a multicultural soup where it’s now refreshingly impossible to distinguishing a “Spaniard” from a “German” based on just looks and dance moves. It’s only by looking beyond the dancers at some of the iconic European backgrounds that one can tell where these shots were taken.

Sure, “United Europe” is a promotional bit for a Samsung phone that plays music, and yes, I’ve fallen victim to its viral marketing goals by forwarding it on. But nonetheless, it still remains a short, happy clip of Europe in a nutshell.