One for the Road: Journey Overload

My December 1st gift to you, dear readers, is a plethora of journey-related reading to welcome the new month. Instead of suggesting just one book today, I’ll start off the month with a whole bunch. So many of the links I come across on a daily basis simply disappear into the web’s oblivion…but not these special gems. In an attempt to connect wanderers with words, here is a collection of links that can take you places:

First up, a variety of travel-minded Lit Lists: a collection of books that celebrate the the spirit of Scotland, and five best books about journeys of discovery, and exploration.

A pseudo Seuss book, There’s a Map on My Lap, is mentioned at a wonderful new blog I discovered called Cartophila. (I can’t quite recall how I arrived at the URL, but no maps were used :)

And also for the kiddies: Wind the World Over, a unique book about two siblings who travel the world learning about how different cultures use wind as a resource.

The Written Nerd reviews Gentleman of the Road, and shares this favorite snippit from the book, which I love as well: “All adventure happens in that damned and magical space, wherever it may be found or chanced upon, which least resembles one’s home.”

And a bonus for future travels: from Bozeman to Milan, more bookstores to get lost in. Happy reading…wherever you are!