Coolest bike ever!

This just might be the coolest bike ever.

The Electrobike is a hybrid pedal/battery machine that can switch from human power to 30 miles of battery power with a single switch. Sure, we’ve seen dinky mopeds before, but this one is different for a couple of reasons.

First off, check out that design! Have you ever seen anything with two wheels look so uber-fantastic?

Secondly, this baby can motor along at 20 mph.

And thirdly, the Electrobike can be plugged into an ordinary socket and takes only three hours to charge. Of course, if you want to be even more environmentally friendly, you can opt for the solar charger but it does take an additional five hours to do the job (and some sunlight, naturally).

The only problem? At $7,500 it costs more than my first car. Oh, and that narrow little seat looks like a trip to the emergency room and a bottle of muscle relaxants just waiting to happen.