One for the Road: Don Quixote vs. Donkey Xote

Even though this book about Don Quixote was released last year, I thought now was an appropriate time to mention it, since the first animated version of the famous novel will debut in Spain this week. Fighting Windmills – Encounters with Don Quixote takes a closer look at the making of this masterpiece of world literature, tracing its impact on writers and thinkers across the centuries. Authors Manuel Duran and Fay Rodd explore the central themes of Cervantes great work, and follow it up with examples of how the novel influenced generations of other writers.

One thing the book might not touch on is the fact that, although th 17th century story has touched many, few have actually read both volumes cover to cover. Will this week’s release of a first-ever animated rendition inspire more folks to take a stab at actually reading the lengthy tale? Probably not, but beginning this Wednesday, Spaniards will be able to view a condensed 80-minute cartoon version of the classic journey. Donkey Xote, a $20 million film production, took five years to make, and comes complete with a Shrek-like donkey. You can view the English trailer here.