Travel to nourish your quirks

We live in a world where it’s not hard to (temporarily) kindle our passions, obsessions or quirks, especially with the uproar of travel-businesses that allow you to do a crash course in the quirky hobbies you have never had the balls to nurture in your daily life. Hobby tourism is nothing new, but the options have definitely widened into ones out of the ordinary. Here are some such options:

  • Scotland: Learn to make perfume while you travel — yup, sniff out your own scent as you wade through Scottish wilderness.
  • Spain: Be a stand-up comedian — always wanted to see if you can really make an audience laugh with your nonsense? Do a 5-day course in Catalonia and find out!
  • Florida, USA: Make believe that you are a NASA astronaut through the Astronaut Training program at the Kennedy Space Center.
  • New York, USA: Who doesn’t want to be a DJ? The Scratch Academy offers 5-day intensive courses for beginners that covers equipment, music theory, mixing and blending, scratching and beat making
  • Israel: Krav-Maga holidays — tour Israel whilst learning the Israeli martial art of self-defense.
  • Las Vegas, Monte Carlo: Poker holidays — getaway and gamble to glory!
  • Worldwide: Dance holidays! Travel to learn how to dance whatever, wherever you want!

Check out this link for full details on these options.