Best destination flicks this year

I rarely see movies, so when I do make the trek to the theatre or the video store, I try to make sure it’s a good one; For me, good means well-written, well-acted and somehow intellectually stimulating. I love seeing good films about other places in the world — they don’t need to be travel-related, per se, but I love destination films. So I’m pretty chuffed that someone has come out with a list of the Top 10 travel-inspiring flicks this year. Here’s what made the list:

  • Once, set in Ireland
  • Lust, Caution, set in Shanghai and Hong Kong
  • Enchanted, set in Manhattan
  • Atonement, set in Britain during WWII
  • The Darjeeling Limited, set in India
  • Into the Wild, set throughout the continental USA and in Alaska (I’ve seen this one, by the way, and I loved it)
  • The Assassination of Jesse James, set in the midwest, but actually filmed in the beautiful Canadian foothills (where I live) (Incidentally, this film stars not only Brad Pitt but also an old-school trunk from my house that one of the producers picked up at our garage sale! I haven’t seen the movie, but humor me — does the trunk steal the show or what? Ok, I digress.)
  • Ratatouille, set in Paris
  • Elizabeth, The Golden Age, set in historic England
  • The Bourne Ultimatum, set in several different countries.

Like I said, I’ve only seen one of these, so I can’t really comment, but maybe you can?