Parc Guell: Gaudi’s other masterpiece

When most people think of Antoni Gaudi, they usually think of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. There are many, many examples of Gaudi’s genius architecture throughout the city, however, from private residences to lamp posts to entrance pavilions.

Take Parc Guell. Originally commissioned as a private community by the then-famous Count Eusebi de Guell, Gaudi was hired to plan and oversee the construction of the site overlooking Barcelona. Among the twisting paths and steep terrain, Gaudi built a fantastic opening gate into a main terrace, where his Gothic mosaic architecture dominates the landscape. Benches, sculptures and columns roll over the hill and its easy to get lost across the sprawling park.

Although Parc Guell never became the community that The Count had planned, it did fall into the hands of the city, where it was subsequently turned into a public work. It’s fun to wander around the park in modern times and wonder how the architects had planned their Eden to be.