Banksy art exhibit on display in New York

Looking at the amazing street graffiti in Barcelona last week, I was struck by the complexity and quality of many of the compositions. No, I’m not an art critic, but some of the pieces were fantastically done and could have held their ground in a modern art museum anywhere across the world.

Where Barcelona has rich, sprawling artistic graffiti, London and New York now have Banksy.

If you’re not familiar with the moniker, you may recognize his hijinks; his trademark work is all over the London landscape and has effectively been bleeding into the US. Recently, Banksy made headlines by sneaking his pieces into the Tate Britain, MOMA and American Museum of Natural History. To the embarrassment of curators and critics alike, many of the pieces have gone unnoticed in their respective places for days.

Luckily, the art world is starting to take notice of the artist’s talents. This week, the famous British graffiti artist opened a temporary exhibition in Chelsea (New York) at the Vanina Holasek Gallery. You can stop by and visit the exhibit through the end of this month.