One for the Road: The Geography of Hope – A Tour of the World We Need

From Canada, the Globe and Mail’s Top 100 books of 2007, introduces us to Chris Turner’s story, The Geography of Hope: A Tour of the World We Need, in which the author travels the world in search of finding hope for a sustainable future for his daughter. What he discovers, with regards to sustainable design, housing, power and community, is both positive and promising. Turner’s travels take him from northern Thailand to southern India, with stops in Europe and North America as well.

From the Globe’s review: Chris Turner does his daughter proud. The Geography of Hope makes an overwhelming case for an abundant, even limitless amount of hope for humanity. The book is a captivating travelogue, the writing marked by piquant observations and raw, emotional engagement with farmers, radicals, business people, activists and indigenous people the world over.

Turner’s previous book had global appeal of a different kind: Planet Simpson has been called the “…the definitive Simpsons study.” In this new book he’s turned his attention to a different topic, but with similar pop culture appeal that should attract a broad audience of readers. As the Globe points out, “…his stories are full of references to his love of driving, cold beer, the Big Lebowski and The Simpsons.” And sustainability too! Sounds like a great one to kick off the new year with, huh? As Turner says on his own website, “…a book about hope makes a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus gift, so act now!”