Photo of the Day (12/6/07)

Today’s Photo of the Day comes to us from North Korea–site of my most recent vacation. And yes, I’ve nominated one of my own photographs for today’s honor.

I personally find this photograph interesting because I was naturally concerned that there would be very little food for us to eat in North Korea. I was wrong. Although the general population might be suffering from malnutrition, the government has made sure that tourists have access to all the food they need. And, it’s often presented in the quaint style featured above. Just don’t ask me what it was. Other than rice, bean curds, and kimchi, I rarely knew what I was putting in my mouth; but I suppose I was fortunate enough to be putting anything in there to begin with.

Today also kicks off a new travel feature here on Gadling, Infiltrating North Korea. If you’ve ever wondered what the Hermit Kingdom is like, be sure to check it out.