Test your UNESCO World Heritage Site geography

We dabble in sustainable travel once in a while here at Gadling, but if you really want to get into the science of the process, there are some excellent, well-maintained blogs out on the interwebs. Both Friends of World Heritage and National Geographic’s Intelligent Traveler have dedicated professional staff to keep you informed on the happenings of eco-travel around the planet.

Friends of World Heritage has a great little map game to get you started, which is a combination of geographical and UNESCO site data. It’s a fun, educational way to test your knowledge of world geography as well as get the message out about the endangered sites around the globe.

The first time I played I got stumped on the North America stage (in my defense, I got some really random locations in Mexico), but on my second try was not able to get past stage twelve, which is wicked hard.

Give yourself a few minutes over lunch and take a gander. My top score is 718537 points which should be pretty easy to beat. You can find the tool directly off their homepage.