Back from the grave, 5 years later

Have you guys been following the bizarre story unfolding about a man, thought to be dead for five years, who walked into a police station in the UK? Turns out he might have been conning everyone (except his wife). He’s been claiming amnesia on everything that’s happened to him since 2000. How convenient.

The theory, as of today, is that he staged his own death to escape a mounting pile of debt. Then he moved to Panama, where allegedly his wife has been meeting up with him for the past three summers. What’s sick about the situation is not only the insurance fraud (his wife collected on his life insurance, naturally), but that they told their kids he died!!!

There’s still plenty of mystery here. Why did he turn himself in all of a sudden, now? How did his wife meet him in Panama for so many years with no records, or Panamanian visa?