First tourist trips to the South Pole

In today’s over-traveled world, I’ve always just assumed that tour operators can take clients to every corner of the globe.

Apparently the South Pole, however, has always been an exception–until now, that is.

The news out of London is that a British travel outfitter will be the first company to take tourists all the way to the South Pole. According to the Telegraph, Discover the World already takes visitors–mostly scientists and wealthy eccentrics–to Patriot Hills, a base camp in Antarctica. In the upcoming year, however, they will be expanding their business to take 44 lucky tourists all the way to the South Pole.

It won’t be cheap, however. Expect to pay almost $36,000 for the experience which will include only four hours at the pole itself. Wow, for just $164,000 more, I can fly actually fly to outer space with Virgin Galactic. Hmm… decisions, decisions…