Human Rights Day is tomorrow, but the walk in Malaysia is canceled

International Human Rights Day is tomorrow, December 10. The day was established by the UN to commemorate the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the general assembly of the UN in 1948.

When I was looking for information to let you, the Gadling reader, know what events are going on in the world to make the world a nicer place in honor of Human Rights Day, I found web pages that could not be displayed and information from years past. Even the UN Web site page where this logo is from is from last year’s announcement. It’s easier to find out information about St. Nicholas Day. (I guess they are related, come to think of it.)

I did find out that the Human Rights Day walk in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that was scheduled to happen today, Dec. 9, has been canceled. The logistics might have been nightmarish? Still, there is an event in the Central Market that sounds interesting. There’s a lip-reading of the Declaration of Human Rights (even this link is 9 years old) and stage performances. I do think there are events and talks going on in various parts of the world, but people who are busy promoting human rights may not have a lot of time to update Web sites, or the organization isn’t prominent enough to show up at the top of the list in a search. I’m just saying. If you know of something, pass on the news.

Now that you know it’s Human Rights Day tomorrow, smile and play fair–not that you wouldn’t anyway. We can all do our part.