One for the Road: Instant Gratification

Gadling goddess Adrienne Wilson hasn’t written here in awhile, because she’s been super busy traveling the world and…making a book! As she explains in detail on her personal blog, Instant Gratification is a first volume of photographs from Adrienne’s growing collection of global snapshots, many taken during her travels over the past seven years.

In her own words, Adrienne explains the project: In its simplest form, Instant Gratification: Photos for your Coffee Table in Exchange for Money in my Pocket, can be described as a travel catalog comprised of a spirited mixture of color, B&W, film, digital, and lomo shots from around the globe. Feel gratified at once for once!

But there’s a hook! She then goes on to explain the super-cool generosity behind the creation of this book: Additionally, there won’t be any money placed into my pocket from your purchase of this book. Since I don’t bake cookies, I’m using this book as a fund raising tool. All the profit will be donated to a charitable organization that seeks to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Actually, all profit from book sales will go towards a Global Village build Adrienne is planning to lead next year with Habitat for Humanity. To raise funds for the service experience, she used her smarts to create a fundraising tool that puts a beautiful book in the hands of those who give. A creative masterpiece that benefits more than the buyer — instant gratification for all, and a wonderful idea. Kudos and congrats to Adrienne on her do-good self-publishing venture. (By the way, she used Blurb, and has lots of great things to say about them too.)