Welcome to Tulip Island

The threat of rising sea-levels is getting a few people excited as they plan and plot new artificial islands. Then again it could just be canny developers with an eye on making megabucks.

The go-ahead Arab supercity of Dubai is leading the pack with developments like the Palms and the World, but now the idea is taking hold in perennially low-lying countries like the Netherlands.

A new island is being planned off the Dutch coast which will be in the shape of a tulip. I guess they could have plumped for a giant windmill or a huge bottle of Heineken, but a tulip is still undeniably Dutch.

What’s next? A giant kangaroo off the coast of Aussie’s Great Barrier Reef, or a yellow taxi with room for tens of thousands of passengers flagged down in the Hudson River?

Thanks to Marshall Astor on Flickr for the pic.