Tapping into the wind to charge your portable electronics

There seems to be a whole industry dedicated to novel ways of powering up small electronic devices these days. Because God only knows that today’s modern travelers get a little nervous when venturing to places where their juice might peter out.

And so we bring you yet another way to charge up that iPod when your battery dies in Mongolia.

The Hymini is a small, handheld windmill that generates power when, you guessed it, the wind blows. Of course, most users aren’t going to stand around for an hour in a windstorm waiting for the unit to charge, but they will strap it to their bikes and even their cars where a 40 mile per hour journey will generate enough go-juice to operate a cell phone for 40 minutes. Or simply strap the Hymini to any of the blowhard politicians running for the American presidency and you’ll be able to power up a small city for the next decade. Don’t you just love election season?