Spain’s government-run Women’s Institute calls Ryanair calendar sexist

Remember the Ryanair calendar featuring female flight attendants dressed in bikinis while leaning against heavy machinery in provocative angles? Spain’s government-run Women’s Institute is calling the move sexist, saying, “[i]f there had been men in the calendar, I’m sure there would have been no controversy.”

Further, the organization claims the calendar “represent the stewardesses as sexual objects” and “reinforce discriminatory stereotypes.” Didn’t we stop calling them stewardesses in favor of the less-discriminatory term “flight attendants?”

It sounds to me that the Women’s Institution of Spain is fighting for the rights of male flight attendants, rather than protecting the dignity of the females. So what do you think, does the Women’s Institution have a leg to stand on?

Obligatory photos (click to enlarge):

You make the call!