Icelandic Teen pranks the White House

How’s this for wacky news: An Icelandic teenager managed to convince several officials that he was the president of Iceland, and even was scheduled for a call with George W. Bush on December 1 until he was found out at the last moment, as this recent article reports. The boy posed as Iceland’s president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, and called the White House using a number given to him by his friends.

But showing their usual lack of humor, the police did not find it funny, and took the actual president in for questioning around the time that the fake call was meant to happen. Once the clever teen was discovered, he was questioned as well. However, no further action appears to have been taken.

I’d like to know what this teenager said to get through to the president. No doubt, it was more intelligent than the old “Hello, is your refrigerator running …. “ gag.