It’s been a 1000 years – time to clean up, don’t you think?

A 300,000 tonne garbage mountain on the shores of the Yangtze River in South-West China is finally going to be cleared by September 2008, after a 1000-years of being there!

Since the Song Dynasty (960-1279), residents of the Chinese town Luoqi have been adding 400 kilograms of waste to the pile every day because they have no where else to dispose it.

This is just one of the environmental problems of the controversial US$70 billion Three Gorges Dam project on the Yangtze — China’s largest construction project after the Great Wall.

Away from the commotion of the country, a cruise along the Yangtze river (world’s 3rd largest river) has always been a popular tourist selection that fortunately has nothing to do with this shock-stash of trash.

Having said that, and understanding that there are many other grave problems China has to deal with, why has it taken them a 1000 years to address this one?