One thumb down for

This might be a controversial position, but I’m not a fan of Kayak anymore. It’s gotten rave reviews for being an all-you-can-eat airfare conglomerate that doesn’t even charge you a buck (it works to aggregate data from other for-profit aggregators like Orbitz). People have also been saying it’s great for multi-city searches and car rentals comparisons.

To all that, I say bah humbug! I just tried to book last-minute tickets to Peru using the site and the fares it gave me were completely outdated. I wasted at least an hour trying to track down a ticket that I could actually buy; each time I got excited about a fare, it would tell me the system was outdated and the ticket was no longer available.

At first it showed me some ridiculous 3-stop connections to Lima for $1,000, which is quite a steal this late in the game. But those were gone. Then it showed me some 2-stop connections for $1,200 through Spirit Airlines. But when it connected me to the airline’s site, it abruptly changed the prices to $1,500. In its defense, Kayak did get most of the erroneous data from Orbitz, which on its own suffered the same problems.

Maybe I’m just grumpy I have to pay $1,500 for the tickets.