Where’s the best snow?

Here in my neck of the woods, on the eastern edge of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we have tons of snow — and temperatures that match the chilly look of the landscape. But drive a few hours west to the central mountain region–where I’m spending my Christmas Vacation–and the snow’s terrible. What gives?

For many people, the less snow the better but for those of us who are planning on heading to the ski slopes this year, snow is a must. So if you’re planning on heading for the slopes, check out Bestnow.net for snow ratings, trends and reports at all the best slopes. Want to know what US resorts are the snowiest this year? MSNBC has the scoop.

Check out the ’08 season report for a look at the snow conditions across the board — it seems that snowfall at most resorts is either way up or way down. I’m hoping it will be a record-setting year here, provided the temperatures stay mild enough to actually venture outside.