The most on-time airlines

Tired of waiting on the tarmac? I don’t think anyone likes flight delays, but they’re a way of life, right? Maybe not. Forbes Traveler recently put together a list of the most on-time airlines. Curious what airlines made the list? Here are the top 10 timeliest airlines in the United States:

  1. Hawaiian Airline: On-time 93% of the time
  2. Aloha Airlines: 92.4%
  3. Southwest Airlines: 80.4%
  4. Frontier: 79%
  5. AirTran: 77.2%
  6. Delta: 76.9%
  7. SkyWest: 75.4%
  8. Continental: 74.8%
  9. ExpressJet: 74.2%
  10. Mesa Air Airlines: 73.7%

Interesting, huh? If you want to know what airlines scored the highest in other countries, check out this article.