The days of forgetting your toothbrush are over!

How many times have you left for a trip and thought: ‘I know I’m forgetting something, but I have no clue what that is’? It happens to me ALL the time and I leave annoyed for not being able to remember — if only I had made/kept that list!

Forgetting my toothbrush, socks and phone charger, to leaving my room window open or the bathroom light on — it has all happened, many times. So I jumped-up with glee when I found this website, brilliantly called ‘‘. This is your ultimate “list-maker” for any trip.

The website allows you to make customized lists basis the type of trip you are going on, and has optional list categories that include: planning (under which you have — advance planning list, 2-weeks before, 1-week before), packing (documents, literature, cosmetics, for the baby, sports, pet-stuff etc etc etc!), and extra items (where you can write whatever you want). Each of the list’s sublists, have sublists! Look at the things you need to remember on the lists and you will be surprised how you ever made it without one. Once you have decided what you want on each list, you will receive an email and print version of them. Pretty handy, eh?

It has been voted twice as website of the day on BBC, and made the ‘top-lists’ on CNN and Time Magazine.