10 present ideas for your traveling pooch

If you’re a person who likes to include your pets in your holiday festivities, here are 10 items that range from the useful to the over the top. I’ve looked around for those that might serve as ideas for taking your dog on the road. Perhaps, you’ve really wanted to have that funky dog car seat that looks like a frog, but haven’t felt like you could spend the money. You could use the holidays as an excuse–or use the chance to go to a New Year’s party in style as the reason for a splurge. What dog wouldn’t delight with such a gift?

1.This hoodie would make a Christmas hike all that more festive. (This is from a company in Great Britain, but I’m sure you can find a similar choice if you are in the U.S.)

2. How about a leather pet carrier? If you pet doesn’t like it, it looks perfect for a file holder to take back and forth to the office. (Also from a British company, as are numbers 3–6)

3. This overnight bag with goodies might be just what your pooch wants under the tree. It comes with all that might make a weekend away that more fun.

4. This snuggle rug blanket actually does look useful. It’s big enough to go over a car seat to keep dog hair from getting everywhere. Sure you can use an old towel, but where’s the style in that?

5. Maybe you carry a plastic grocery bag wadded up in your hand for the moments your dog leaves a deposit on your neighbor’s lawn or on the sidewalk. With one of these classic poop bag holders, won’t you look all that more prepared? (We actually have something like this that my husband found on a walk one day. It attaches to a leash.)

6. If the Christmas hoodie is too much, how about this dog scarf? It’s made to fit over a collar. At least that’s what I saw in the description. It comes in various color combos as well. (I did buy our dog a scarf once. Silly? Maybe.)

7. Here’s spill proof water bowl. This link leads to other ideas that are also actually useful. This one is an American company as are the remaining 3 gift ideas. (We use an old metal mixing bowl and that does not work at all when the car is moving. Sloshy.)

8. This carrying case is the rugged cousin to the leather case already featured. This one’s called the Sherpa Bag. I’m not sure what a sherpa would think about carrying one of these, but if you need a carrier to carry, this one does have the bells and whistles.

9. To carry food, this item called the Travel-tainer is what gave me the idea for this post. You can buy it at PETCO besides buying it on-line. This was featured as a gift idea in the Columbus Dispatch’s travel section a couple weeks ago.

10. I actually did buy our dog a portable bowl. It was featured in my son’s school’s fundraiser book. The Outward Hound Bottle and Bowl pictured here looks like it would be useful if you’re hiking and camping. The water bottle for the dog is not a bad idea.