Smoking ban in Germany spurns crafty workarounds

Here in the United States we’ve had mixed results to smoking bans. In New York and Los Angeles, people are forced to smoke outside of bars and restaurants, although the smokers I’ve talked to tolerate it moderately well. Here in Michigan, the bar and restaurant lobby refuses to let go of the notion that people can still enjoy dinner and drinks without a cigarette — so the various legislation in the works has been all but squashed. Eventually, I imagine they’ll have to go outside and smoke too, even if it isn’t this year.

If the Michigan lobbyists were smart though, they would let the bill pass and start a hole-in-the-wall building company. Like this poor guy in Germany, smokers in US could stick their arms and heads through “smoking points” in the walls, where all of their toxic breath could be exhaled into the atmosphere.

Or they could just be ridiculed by amateur bloggers here on Gadling.