Thieves at 30,000 feet

There is a certain sense of security and safety within the confines of an airplane.

Unlike a bus or train, most of us are completely at ease placing our carry-on out of sight and then closing our eyes and falling asleep. What thief would be brazen enough–or simply stupid enough–to try and steal someone’s luggage without any possible escape route?

Well, apparently thieves in China are taking advantage of this in-flight, lowering-of-one’s-guard and have been quite busy relieving passengers of their overhead-bin valuables while they sit just a few feet away merrily thumbing through their in-flight magazine.

In fact, the China Daily claims that there have been at least 100 thefts at 30,000 feet this year and that this has become so much of a problem that the Chinese government recently issued a nationwide warning to all passengers flying the unfriendly skies of China.

Oh man. The day Chinese airlines become just like Chinese trains is the day I stop flying in China.