Library themed hotel in NYC

It’s a crazy, whacked out world of boutique hotels when interior decorators turn to the Dewey Decimal System for inspiration.

And yet, that’s exactly what has happened in the highly competitive hotel industry in New York City.

The Library Hotel is serious about the Dewey Decimal System and has not only organized its floors and rooms based upon the legendary numbering system, but the staff has also populated each room with appropriately corresponding books.

The 8th floor, for example, houses the 800 category: Literature. Room 800.002 is full of the classics, room 800.003 has poetry books, and room 800.006 is brimming with mysteries. Or, check out room 500.005 if you’re a dinosaur nut, or room 300.002 if Political Science is more your thing.

The hotel boasts a collection of 60,000 books so it would take a very long time and many rainy days to work your way through all 60 rooms–but I bet you’d be pretty smart afterwards if you did.