Meandering through Tuscany

Although, Amazing Race does afford a glimpse of fascinating places, the pace and editing of a one hour show doesn’t allow time for savoring the places through which the teams are racing. Senses don’t get triggered much, and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a country that triggers my senses like Italy does. Not in a sensual way. India is more a bombardment that can be overwhelming. Thailand comes close. Because Italy–where the teams went this past Sunday— is definitely a place to sensually savor, here is the video “Tuscany, Italy–The Charmed Land” that does just that.

The video shows off the lushness of several Tuscany cities and the countryside through photographs set to music. The close ups of gelati, Italian ice-cream fired up my taste buds for sure. Italian ice-cream is sublime. This lovely and engaging blend of people, artwork, shops, food and buildings will transport you back to Tuscany if you’ve ever been– and make you want to go immediately if you haven’t. Great job to durangowrangler.