Tunneling under universities becoming more difficult

Many large American universities offer fascinating opportunities for urban exploration in the form of underground tunnels.

Although most students don’t know they even exist, those that do, tend to be infatuated with infiltrating their subterranean depths.

The tunnels were built to distribute water, wiring, and steam for heating, to the numerous buildings on campus. They’re dark, mysterious, and alluring–or so I’m told. I chickened out of exploring the six miles of tunnels on my campus because of the rumor that anyone caught inside would be immediately expelled from the university, no questions asked.

Those that did take the risk, however, report that it was rather easy to find a way in and move about undetected. This is no longer the case. According to an LA Times article by Tony Barboza, universities across the country, fearful of terrorist attacks and lawsuits from adventures gone bad, are tightening up tunnel access, sealing entrances, and installing security systems. In other words, if you try it today, you will get caught.

Dammit, one more college tradition killed off!