Times Square and New Year’s Eve, the 100th year

Years ago, when I was in undergraduate school I headed to Times Square on New Year’s Eve with friends of mine to watch the ball drop. When you watch the event on TV, you see massive crowds for sure, but going there is not as bad as it looks. Everyone can’t pile in up close. Where you stand depends on how early you get there. As the blocks fill up, they are closed off to more people in order to keep the crunch of people bearable.

Since this is the 100th year of the ball dropping in Times Square, perhaps this is the year to head to the lights in person. The ball is brand new for the occassion.

When we went, we weren’t all that early, so we were not up close. Still, the ball is way up there, and it’s big. It’s not like people can get in your line of vision.

Maybe you’ll even run into someone you know. I did. While I was standing around with my college friends waiting for a new year to start, I heard my name called. Standing two people away from me was one of my friends from high school. He was down in the city like I was visiting friends of his.

If you go, bring noise makers if you have them, but if not, there are plenty of confetti and noise makers without your addition. Just yell “Happy New Year” and hug someone when 2008 lights up. Plus, fireworks are much more impressive in real life than on TV–and there is nothing like a New York City crowd in a partying mood.