Greenland’s newest tourist attraction: Water!

It’s not so often that a radio station showcases a photo gallery. But times are changing and NPR is stepping up its already stellar website with some cool video and slide shows.

I point this out because of a recent story that NPR did on the melting of Greenland.

“So what,” you might say, “ice melts. But when ice melts in Greenland, the rest of the world needs to be concerned. According to the story, ocean levels will rise 20 feet if Greenland completely defrosts.

The good news, however, is that Greenland’s melting ice makes for some wonderful scenery and great tourist opportunities as warming temperatures create rivers and lakes where there were none before. And, it’s all eerily beautiful. That’s why NPR reverted to the visual medium to share some amazing shots of this newly born, crystal clear water that has been trapped for centuries in an enormous ice sheet.

Armageddon never looked so good!