In Trinidad and Tobago soldiers help keep the streets safe

If you’ve ever traveled in places where soldiers help man the streets, it can be a bit disconcerting, particularly in a place that should evoke an image of paradise.

I read in the World Watch section of today’s The Plain Dealer, (besides news Justin already posted on about lithium batteries and luggage) that for the next month or so in Tobago and Trinidad, seeing soldiers on patrol will be a common sight. Police can’t control crime by themselves so the military has been called in for reinforcement.

Because crime rates sky rocket this time of year, having soldiers frequent where people go for fun will hopefully put a damper on criminals’ good times. After Carnival in February, crime goes down, but I’m not sure how much since there are also reports of more police posts being established in rural areas.

If you go, besides being on criminal watch, don’t wear any camouflage. It’s illegal. I found that out from reading the Tobago and Trinidad Web site.